3 Powerful Websites For Landlords

Whether you’re a buy to let investor, an accidental landlord or just new to the game… It’s not always as easy as the Guru’s make it out to be. However, there are many free resources out there which aim to make things easier.

We’ve decided to take a bit of time and list our 3 favourite resources for Landlords. If you take a look through our list, you’ll find a variety of different resources from Deposit Dispute experts to Landlords helping each other by sharing their own experience.

You don’t have to go at it alone.

1. The TDS Information Lounge

Established as the longest serving government-approved deposit protection scheme – the TDS are the godfathers when it comes to deposit protection and dispute adjudication. In fact, they protect over £1.9 billion in tenancy deposits across the UK last year.

However, apart from providing a fantastic, not for profit deposit protection and adjudication service. They also have a wealth of free, educational resources available in their “Information Lounge”.

Why we love it:

  • Packed With Free Guides
  • Real Adjudication Case Studies
  • Helpful Template Downloads
  • In depth Deposit FAQ
  • The EXPERTS In Deposit Disputes

2. Property Tribes

If you’re new to the game or a landlord veteran – Property Tribes offers a vibrant community where you can learn from other people’s experience (as well as helping out others by sharing your own knowledge!)

Not only are there regular videos posted by industry leaders. You’ll also find over 40 topic specific “tribes” where you can get involved in the discussion, answer other landlords questions, or post your own.

Why we recommend it to landlords:

  • Private Landlord Based Forum
  • Openly Discuss & Ask Questions
  • Industry Leading Guest Videos
  • Dedicated Topic “Tribes” To Help Ask Your Question In The Right Place
  • Active Community With Over 4000 Visitors A Day

3. The Landlord Law Blog

Lastly, but certainly not the least – we have “The Landlord Law Blog”. Curated by solicitor and Landlord Law expert, Tessa Shepperson. The Landlord Law Blog focuses on hot lettings topics, updates to the laws landlords need to follow and in depth case studies of real landlord lawsuits.

This is one we especially love for accidental landlords. Landlord law is not always as clear cut as landlords would like, which is why resources like this are invaluable!

Why Landlord Law made the list:

  • Access To A Free & Premium Question & Answer Service
  • Expert Insights & Industry Discussions
  • Access The Landlord Law Podcast
  • Landlord Law Case Studies

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